Propose on first date? Winning work

Winning work is a little like the dating game, if you propose on your first date then you either get turned down or you get something that you didn’t bargain for.

Your business development approach is even more critical in the current economic environment, where potential clients are conscious of every dollar they spend and subconsciously look for reasons to defer purchases.

Your approach must be disciplined, organised and above all else have a plan and a strategy. But even when you have your marching plan, how do you actually “sell”?

Businesses often make the “pitch” or “proposal” to a new client too early and there is always the temptation to show or demonstrate your product or service to the potential client as quickly as possible. Clients will rejoice when we extol the benefits and virtues of our offering…won’t they?

Unfortunately not! In many cases you are quite likely doing yourself a disservice if you do this too early in the process.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a client can feel that they are just being sold “something off the shelf” if sufficient thought and time hasn’t gone into their specific situation.

So before you get to the “proposing” stage, try adding the “sharing” and “refining” phases to your approach and build rapport with your client. Keep your powder dry, and keep the demo until you can tailor it to your client and it helps you to close the deal.


John O’Gorman
Growth Specialist

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