Selling the crown jewels?

Have you ever thought “how will I pass the (crown jewels) business/assets on to my family or other partners?”

Family Business or Private Businesses seeking a succession plan to resolve all financial and control issues is more and more prevalent as baby boomers age.

There are many strategies that can produce a liquidity event:

  • A trade/industry sale
  • A partial/gradual sell down to existing partners or investors entering the business
  • A management buy-out (MBO) or management buy-in (MBI) or a leveraged buy-out (LBO)
  • An initial public listing (IPO)
  • A reverse takeover of a listed vehicle (RTO)
  • Mergers or acquisitions

The use of private equity or Equity Capital Markets to assist with the above strategies is a function of our corporate advisory service.  Introductions and management of the professional investor funds, equity markets, high net worth or institutional investors is critical.

Tailoring a process and set of outcomes which provides the utmost flexibility and control for the principals and business is very important.

We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 336409) through Indian Ocean Management Group Pty Ltd.


Luke Martino
Corporate Specialist

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