Growth Consulting – Size does matter

Have you a fantastical focus about growth?

They are the businesses and companies that outperform all others. They also generate the most value for all stakeholders.

Is your business one of them?

The good news is… Growth can be taught!

You and your business don’t have to stay small. Growth and growth pain does not mean you have to take too many nasty falls or be foolhardy. If you have the right strategy to turn your company into a runaway success and a strong guiding hand, you’ll be off and running in no time.

RISK… While risk is an inherent part of business and the growth strategy, it must be respected and managed expertly and consistently across an entire business.

For some, the greatest risk of all is fear of failure… Remember, you will never grow without moving outside your comfort zone.

We advocate a sustainable value-creating growth methodology. It revolves around 3 things (what we call “the three cornerstones of growth”):

    The valuable formula – focus on marketplace, competitive proposition focused on customer needs and efficient business systems.
    The capability to gain full growth potential; i.e. Management + Process + Culture.
    If you drive a Porsche like a Datsun it is a failure… similarly, high performance companies must take on risk with full commitment.

Indian Ocean can assist in the corporatisation and execution of a growth plan for your business.

In some cases, this can be achieved by Board meetings and introducing a process of consistent and high performance strategies.


Luke Martino
Corporate Specialist

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